The Issues

1. Create High Paying Professional Jobs for Montana: Montana is near the bottom in the nation for job wages and has been for several decades. The high demand for jobs is met with not enough supply and we end up exporting our young professionals who leave the Treasure State to find careers elsewhere. The lack of high-paying jobs also means that those lucky enough to find work in Montana have salaries that are a fraction of what is available in other states. Jon believes THIS MUST END!  

2. Montana should aspire to have the Best Education System in America: If we want to win in tomorrow’s economy, we have to educate the students of today. Jon will concentrate his efforts to best prepare our kids for the “Jobs of the Future.” We have great schools and many phenomenal teachers. Jon believes that teachers deserve competitive pay and that computer science should be taught in every high school, alongside liberal arts. To help everyone obtain their potential Jon will promote vocational learning, such as welding, engineering and agriculture mechanics.

3. Provide an Arena of Innovation in Montana: Montana has so much to offer in agriculture, natural resources, finance, software development and high-tech. Jon was one of the first hires for a small start-up technology firm here in Bozeman who competed successfully against Google and Microsoft. He knows what it takes to start a business and will fight to reform government, lower taxes, promote research, and streamline costly permitting.  

4. Modernize State Government: Jon believes that tax revenue is the people’s money and that expenses should be managed to promote the good of all. To enable limited and efficient government, Jon will promote lean and focused programs, with each initiative subject to publicly available cost-benefit analysis. Clear and transparent government budgeting reports will gain trust with the public and shed light on how our money is spent. To this end, it is imperative to restore competency and accountability.

5. Provide Quality Healthcare in Montana: Montana is a rural state which provides a challenge to ensuring that each citizen is provided quality care at a fair price. Almost 15% of Montana citizens are employed in the healthcare profession and costs have more than doubled in recent years. We should innovate in the healthcare sector and reduce costs with increased competition, more consumer incentives, telemedicine and travelling health programs, as well as better transparency on price and benefit tradeoffs. 

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